Who are we?

Verity is a self-help group for women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  The group was established in 1997 to share the truth about the condition and improve the lives of women living with PCOS.  The charity is run by a dedicated board of Trustees and team of Volunteers and currently supports over 1000 women. 

Verity is run by women with PCOS who are not medically qualified and so cannot offer specific advice.  It is always recommended that you seek professional medical advice.

What do we do?

Verity organises twice yearly conferences where delegates get the chance to hear from some of the UK's foremost leading PCOS experts.  Verity also publishes a range of information booklets and In Touch, a twice yearly newsletter full of the latest information and research on the condition.  Additionally, Verity provides a very active discussion board, where women with PCOS can give and receive peer support. 

PCOS UK, the medical education arm of Verity, has been formed to improve the awareness and knowledge of PCOS and related conditions among healthcare professionals in the UK.

Please visit the How We Help pages to learn more about the work Verity does to support women with PCOS.

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